Faster and Furiouser


I am in the thick of Valentine production and holy crap, it’s going so well! I am managing to help out a little with Madelene, but Jen is really taking on the brunt of the baby care today. There is no way to do it all, you have to give and take and push and pull constantly. Ahh, so this is how to do it! Only if I get too pleased with myself, I’ll lose my balance.

Jen is spectacular: she is so good with M, so good to me… I am a very lucky Libby indeed. I want to be a great mother to M as well, and part of that is being the best person I can be. Part of being a good person is making my work… Uhg, and not feeling guilty about it would be just swell. I have to use that feeling to my advantage, have to use it to keep me sensitive to M’s needs and not wallow in the icy depths of self-condemnation.

I have to work better and faster, is all. No big whoop.

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