Calling all Work-from-Home Parents!

Asleep in the CarriageI am looking into my mental crystal ball, wondering what the future may hold, parenting-wise. WIll we have more children? Adopt? Will we be able to have at least one of the two of us with the child(ren) until they are a good age for daycare? It’s foggy at best and I cannot make any sure predictions, but it did get me thinking: how can maintain my rather unusual career while taking care of the kids?

I work full-time as a professor and part-time as a freelance interaction designer. My freelance ebbs and flows with the amount of free time I have between classes and various school duties. It’s all good, I get to work on projects I like and be a teacher, which is awesome. My question is, how do you freelance and take care of the kids? Do you cut back on your workload? Do you set up specific hours for work and tell your clients? Do you keep on going and pray the nap lasts until you’re done Skype-ing? Do you get a babysitter to come over and watch the kids while you work, or do you save it all until after bedtime?

Of course, everything changes as theĀ childrenĀ get older, and of course I want to spend as much time with Madelene as possible. I am just curious to hear how others do it.


2 thoughts on “Calling all Work-from-Home Parents!

  1. I’m full-time freelance and I tried to do it all myself when J was an infant. I finally had to break down and hire a babysitter for those deadlines/meetings that just can’t slide. It makes sense financially that one hour of billed time can cover 5 hours of babysitting freeing me up for 5 billable hours. But my clients all understand that I am a WAHM and they are ok with the occasional slip on my side, since they slip too.

  2. Have been juggling work and kids since my oldest was born 11 years ago! I was lucky enough to have grandparents close by, so they all gladly spent time with the kids when I had meetings and/or sites to look at. Phone calls, emails, small projects happened during naps…report writing (when I needed larger blocks of time and brainpower) mostly happened when my husband got home from work and after everyone went to bed. It got a little easier when they were in preschool and now school, but I still find myself up at 2am some mornings trying to meet a deadline! When I started working at home there didn’t seem to be many other people doing it, but now…most of my peers both socially and working have flexible schedules…and we have all been on the phone during a meeting when the kids are screaming at eachother in the background! And just when you think you’ve got the perfect schedule or routine figured out, the nap schedule will change, the lttle ones will get sick, or some other shift will happen…it will be okay…you’ll adapt! PS – Keep the beautiful pictures and thoughts coming! They’re fantastic!

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